Ein Hod Articles

Ancient Works in Stone - by anonymous artists
and crafters of Ein Hod and beyond.

These prehistoric flint tools were found on the ground surface in the Carmel area around Ein Hod. Because they were found on the surface, accurate dating cannot be determined, but archeologists estimate their time of manufacture to be between 10,000 and 70,000 years ago. It is possible that many of these tools were used and handed down to others over generations.

4. Bifacial tools - These artifacts were worked on two sides and may have had many uses such as spear heads, arrow heads, knives, scrapers and axe heads. Their bifacial structure makes these tools particularly durable. There is speculation that symmetric bifaces may have also been used as ceremonial stones, or perhaps as gift objects to attract mates. Could such bifaces have been the ancestors of the modern gemstone?

3. Unifacial tools - were worked on one side, the unseen sides of these stones being relatively flat. They are generally thinner and less durable than bifaces, but often sharper. They may also have had many uses such as knives and scrapers.

2. Recycled bifaces - were apparently broken during use or manufacture and later re-worked to facilitate further use.

1. Pebble tools - These tools may have served as grinders, scrapers, nut-crackers and throwing stones for hunting and weaponry.

Text and collection provided by Yonatan Bar Rashi.